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A Means to Watch DVD Video on LG Optimus Nexus

@ 02:54 AM (29 months, 28 days ago)

Soon after Optimus G is displayed as a serious market wonder, LG is usually getting ready to debut an extra robust LG mobile referred to as Optimus Nexus. Even though the cell is simply not accessible at the moment, it will certainly gain large IPS display running a resolution of 1280x768, decent Snapdragon S4 processer, integrated NFC, 2100mAh power supply, 4G LTE accessibility and 8-megapxiel back camera. Plus, Optimus Nexus is actually predicted to show as an Android 4.2 item. On that basis, when the smartphone is actually published, it will likely to be more popular than the freshly unveiled Galaxy S3 Mini.

Just as a loftily anticipated LG mobile, Optimus Nexus will surely provide end users remarkable enjoyable adventure on seeing video clips. Nonetheless, for these DVD addicts, they will be frustrated when they locate it is normally challenging to observe DVD Video on LG Optimus Nexus. For one thing, LG Nexus is an Android smartphone lacking DVD reader in design; for another thing there are no programs to support visitors enjoy DVD movie on Optimus Nexus. With regard to all those points, a procedure to look at DVD with the help of LG Optimus Nexus happens to be worried by all users. In actual fact, you can find tactics to help Optimus Nexus get roundabout accessibility to DVD video.

An imaginable and also beneficial approach to handle it is actually to transform DVD data file for LG Optimus Nexus. However, the transformation merely happens as soon as one has gotten powerful DVD for Optimus Nexus conversion application beforehand. Therefore, Windows customers can view DVD on LG Optimus Nexus using DVD Ripper.

Step One: Find as well as launch DVD Ripper, an effective device designed to transform DVD to Optimus Nexus data file.

Step 2: Add DVD video. Open the application and choose "Load DVD" option in the drop-down list of "File" to add the DVD data file for additional modifying.

Step 3: Set the output film. To guarantee end users can easily have fun with turned DVD file on Optimus Nexus, switching the DVD file to MP4 movie. Consequently, arrange the output file as a MP4 movie for Optimus Nexus in the drop-down list of "Profile".

Step Four: Individualize MP4 movie. Hit "Settings" button lying near to Profile bar to enter Settings panel in which a variety of movie variables are generally delivered. Next set the MP4 movie as a decent Optimus Nexus data file along with this valuable DVD to MP4 conversion application. For instance, set video size as "1280x768" and also audio codec as "AAC".

The Fifth Step: Alter the MP4 film. Hit "Edit" icon to get into Video Edit panel where a variety of modifying capabilities are given. Then polish the Optimus Nexus file together with these characteristics provided. For instance, set video length with "Trim" tab, customize watermark utilizing "Watermark" tab plus eliminate the black markup with "Crop" tab.

Step Six: Start the conversion process. After all the steps, please click Convert switch to start the conversion procedure from DVD to MP4 movie for Optimus Nexus. When the change halts, one can enjoy DVD on The latest LG mobile easily.


1. To transform the 2D movie to 3D one for Optimus Nexus, clicking on "3D Settings" symbol to get into related panel where distinct 3D effects tend to be offered. Select one 3D effect and adjust 3D depth with matching bar.

2. To transform several DVD files for LG Optimus Nexus, go for "Merge" choice in the drop-down menu of "Edit". After the transformation finishes, these DVD data files will be merged into an integrated MP4 film for Optimus Nexus.

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